November 2007

Orihime – ” If. . . If I were the rain. . . that binds together the Earth and the sky, whom in all eternity will never mingle. . . Would I be able to bind two hearts together?”

Chapter 23:
Ukitake: Remember this well. There are two types of fights. As we have put our lives in battle, we must be able to distinguish between the two.
The fight to protect life, and the fight to protect pride.

Chapter 24:
Don Kanonji: Spirits are always with you!! Bohahaha!!

Chapter 34:
Ichigo: Wha… what the hell are you!?
Ishida: Ishida Uryuu. Quincy. I… hate Shinigami.

Chapter 100:
Hinamori: Aizen Taichouuuuuuuuuuu!!


“I had no intention of deceiving anyone. It’s just that none of you understood…my true self.”

“The only reason I’am here is to beat the shit out of you, because I sure as hell didnt come here to talk.”– Renji

Fight to the death eh? Great! If I kill you, become a ghost and come back to kill me!

Heh sanity? Sorry, I don’t recall ever having anything like that.

“‘Common sense’? Worthless things like those, I haven’t had for as long as I can remember!”

“…Oh. You can destroy the ground with the Reitsu from your sword? Not bad.”

“Blah blah blah.. You’re noisy. You just want to say that you are the good guy, right?”